Ocean Dunes Lifestyle

Once inside Ocean Dunes Resort, people unwind from the daily stresses of life, quickly falling into a lifestyle that is captured in our natural assets and well-kept accommodations, including the condominiums, recreation areas, and maintained landscapes. It is indeed pleasing to the eye to view. 

The buildings are wrapped in colors from the Charleston palette, thoughtfully chosen to fit perfectly into the breezy atmosphere that is Ocean Dunes. We leave the flash behind, settling into the quality and comfort which comes with fitting into our environment. Our residents and guests are refreshed by the look and feel of our community.

At Ocean Dunes you will find several different types of residents. About a quarter of owners live here full time and enjoy the natural beauty year round. Many owners call Ocean Dunes their second home, a relaxing getaway from the stresses of everyday life. Owners also choose to rent their condominiums, bringing visitors to the area to enjoy all the amenities that Ocean Dunes has to offer. Whenever you are here, please take some time to say hello to those around you and get to know our community.